Thursday, January 19, 2012

What to write?

I've been uninspired lately.  Uninspired to blog, that is.  I've been inspired to do many other things, certainly, but when it comes to this blog, I just haven't had much to say since, oh, November 2010?  Hmm...right about the time Levi started being more aware and responsive and SO MUCH FUN!  Haha.  Yup, that's definitely part of it!  I don't read other people's blogs nearly as much as I used to either.  There's just something about having only one, maybe two precious hours to myself each day and not feeling like blogs (either writing or reading) are the most attractive way to spend that time.  I'd rather: on my business!
...correspond with people on a more personal basis (ie. email, fb messages, etc)
...clean the house (ok, wouldn't rather do this, but sometimes it just needs to be done) something crafty
...plan my menu
...make supper/bake

Yup, there are so many other things to do these days.  It pains me a bit because for so many years I blogged so faithfully and enjoyed it so much...and was so encouraged by my readers!  Thank you!  I have met wonderful people through blogging and received many kind words and prayers while we were experiencing infertility.  So, for the sake of the past, I shall attempt to write at least weekly blog posts this year.  Think I can do it?  Watch me.

Well, hmm...what to write about today?  For starters, today I am getting three garbage bags full of little boy hand-me-downs!  That's exciting!  I LOVE hand-me-downs.  Seriously.  Love them.  I got an email from a friend from church this morning offering me her son's old clothes.  How could I not gratefully accept her offer??  So, once Nathan gets home from his lunch meeting, I will have three exciting, "get-your-heart-racing" garbage bags of clothes to look through!  Whooie!  On the slight downside, I won't be able to look through them until tomorrow because, as soon as Nathan gets home from his lunch meeting, we are heading to the city!  Now, I can handle the delayed gratification with the hand-me-downs because, drumroll please... ... ... I get to go grocery shopping!  Yeah, I'm weird like that.  I really really enjoy grocery shopping.  There's just something about taking inventory of your pantry, making a list, and then going to the grocery store and crossing things off your list as you put them into your cart.  Then, you haul them all home and put them all away exactly where they belong, where there was nothing before, now there is something!  A fully stocked pantry!  Can anyone else relate?  I know lots of people dread grocery shopping, but, well, I quite enjoy it. :)

After grocery shopping, I will be dropping off a Uniquely Me Design order with a good childhood friend of mine.  It'll be short, but long enough for a quick hug.  Then, it's off to meet a friend from Manitoba who is in the city for a couple days each winter.  Last year he met our 3 month old son and this year he gets to see how much Levi has changed!  Really, he's hardly the same boy...  Anyway, we get to spend this evening hanging out at our friends' hotel and catching up, maybe do some swimming and see if Levi likes it any more than he did this summer (which wasn't very a general dislike of swimming a genetic thing?).  Should be good!

After today, we have a day off.  Nathan has Fridays off, so we will get to spend a day as a family (!!!).  Always a highlight.  THEN, on Saturday, I will have my first complete day away from Levi.  First ever.  Like, I will most likely leave before he's up and will certainly arrive back home after he's sleeping.  Levi gets his first-ever Daddy-day!  I am pretty excited for the bonding that will happen between my two men and to hear the stories that they will have to tell.  I am equally excited for a day to visit with a good friend a couple hours from here and to spend the day scrapbooking!  I haven't started Levi's baby book yet, so I hope to finish my pregnancy album (after 3+ years of infertility, I figured that the whole "making Levi" story deserved its own book) and then get started on Levi's book!  It's intimidating, so I'm a bit nervous to start.  It's probably why Levi is 15 months old already and the pictures are just stacking up higher and higher...

Well, that's about all I can think of right now.  I suppose I should go find some pictures to add to this post to make it at least a little more interesting  :P  (Isn't Levi CUTE?!  It's all those years of praying for a beautiful child...)  Hope you all have a wonderful end to your week!  And an even better weekend!  Take care!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A little "in"...

Here's a little "in" on what I used to do in my spare time back in high school:

I dug these out of a box when I was at my parents' place this Christmas.  I was SO proud of them back in the day.  I was probably around 13 when I made the rabbits and maybe a bit older when I made the dolls.  Not sure.  Definitely still in school though.  My great-grandma used to make dolls like the ones in the top picture and, when I found some doll faces in my mom's craft stuff, I decided to make some dolls of my own.  They are supposed to have little vinyl hands as well, but I guess we didn't have any of those lying around.  What do you think, if I could get my hands on some more of those vinyl faces/hands, do you think that there would be a market for things like this in my Uniquely Me Design shop?