Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's been 7 weeks since I've updated my blog.  Wow.  I'm pretty sure that's the longest break I've ever taken since I started blogging in May of 2006.  Six years I've been blogging.  Crazy.  Seems like forever and no time at all.  After 6 years, it has started to feel like I just don't have anything left to write.  I started blogging because I pictured this becoming a place where I would update family and friends about our life and how our children were growing and changing.  When we didn't get pregnant, my blog became a bit of an infertility forum, documenting what I was feeling as we lived through infertility, though still being a place to write about random life happenings.  And then we got pregnant and, now that I finally have my chance to blog about the things that I started my blog in order to blog about, I've found that I have no desire to blog anymore.  Strange how that works.

I have been feeling like:
- I would rather keep in touch with people on a one-on-one basis
- I would rather share deeply with only the people I choose to share with and not the whole blogosphere (though I don't regret my sharing here in the past one bit)
- I would rather spend my discretionary time during the day doing things that I choose to do, not doing things that I feel like I *should* be blogging
- I have run out of things to say.  When I started blogging, I was inspired to write.  These days I have been inspired by other things.  I've been inspired to make things, to work on our yard and home, to come up with fun things for Levi and I to do together. 

I wouldn't necessarily call this the absolute end of my blog, except that I don't really want my blog to be one that just drags on with one post here and one post there.  I'd rather be fully committed or willing to let go and say that I'm done.  So, everyone?  I'm done.  Wow.  That was actually hard to type.  But it's the right decision.  I'm done.

It's been a fun ride.  I've enjoyed meeting people and getting to know people through blogging.  Thanks for all the support you, my blog readers, have given me over the years. I've enjoyed having the creative outlet to throw my writing out to the world and the place to share my thoughts.  But now I just have to say good-bye.  And spend time with my boy.  And my husband.  And throw my energy into HOME-making.  Thank you all for following along.  Feel free to contact me via fb or email if you're interested in catching up :)  And who knows?  When Levi grows up and I find myself with more time on my hands, I may indeed be inspired to write once again...we'll just have to wait and see!