Monday, February 25, 2013

Life - a picture post

 Here's a little of what we've been up to these past 3 weeks (in no particular order)...
My Mom was out for almost a week to help out.  Thanks Mom!
Sleeping Kayden...we prayed for a good sleeper for 9 months and low and behold, our prayers have been answered!  That said, sleeping at NIGHT is hit or miss...

Levi took his first photos of Kayden...not bad!

More sleeping Kayden...she's chubbing up!  This was taken yesterday.

This was during our first week at home.  Levi LOVES his sister!

Sweet little baby hands...

Me and my girl :)
Family time...

Me and my almost two and a half year old!  Love this boy!

My sister (Auntie Ia) came for a week to help out after my mom was here.  Thanks Ia! (Kayden is all bundled in a beautiful bunting bag that my sister designed and made for her)
First week at home.

First week at home.

First week at these two SO much!

Blanket that I made for Kayden before she was born

Life is going good.  Kayden is 3 weeks old today and it was my first day at home alone with both kids.  It went really really well.  Levi was amazing and I had such a good day with the kids.  That said, now it's 8:51pm and I'm tired.  I'll admit, the thought of being up multiple times tonight and then looking alive in the morning to have fun with my two year old all day (over and over and over again until little miss starts sleeping through the night) is feeling a little daunting.  Feel free to pray for energy for me so that I can enjoy these days to their fullest!  Levi and Kayden are such blessings...I want to give them my very best and when I'm tired, that's not usually what comes to the surface!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Kayden Grace
February 4, 2013
6lbs 7oz, 19 3/4"

So?  Who guessed everything correctly on the poll? :D

Kayden's birth was quite a bit different from Levi's.  With Levi, we waited and waited and waited.  He was late and born at 41w2d.  Kayden was a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks.  While I was uncomfortable for the last trimester this time, I never did get that truly FULL feeling that I got when we were waiting for Levi.  (Apparently 2 lbs and 2" of baby makes a big difference on the inside!)  And with Levi, we were guessing the gender right to the end, whereas this time we've known about our little GIRL since September.  Both experiences were good...I'd probably choose to repeat this most recent experience next time, though, if given the choice!

I wasn't sure how going in for a scheduled section would be.  It's kinda weird knowing exactly what day and time to expect your little one to arrive.  There was some excitement last time in wondering day by day if I would have a baby that day (then extremely discouraging when I never did go into labour on my own).  On the morning of Feb 4, we had a regular morning, packed up the last of our things, and headed off to the city.  We only had to be at the hospital at 11:30 so there was no rush.  We met Nathan's parents in the city, had a relaxed coffee with them at Starbucks, said "see ya later!" to Levi and drove to the hospital. 

In the first waiting room, there were half a dozen pregnant women waiting (in a 200 square foot closet of a waiting room).  At one point everyone was sharing how far along they were.  40 weeks...41 weeks...44 weeks...  Most of the women there were waiting for inductions!  I didn't dare open my mouth and say that I was still at a comfy 38 weeks and would likely be holding my baby before any of them!  We were quickly moved to another waiting room where we ended up waiting for an hour with no contact with anyone and no one else in the room with us.  We felt quite forgotten.  After an hour, I was starting to wonder if we'd been forgotten.  Why, afterall, would they have us come in 2 hours before the scheduled c-section time if we were going to spend over an hour just sitting and waiting?  I went and found a nurse and within 15 minutes, we were in the pre-op room in gown/scrubs and being prepped for surgery.

Around 1:30 I was taken to the OR and given a spinal then prepped for surgery.  It all went pretty fast from there.  The anesthesiologist gave my doctor the ok to start and Nathan was brought in.  Within minutes, Kayden was here!  She spent the first 5 minutes SCREAMING!  She has the most high-pitched shrill scream I've ever heard.  Well, not quite, but it really is quite different from Levi's cry!  I was able to have her on my chest in the OR as the doctor finished up and was able to feed her in recovery within about an hour.  What a blessing.  I feel like it went so much more smoothly than it did with Levi.  Scheduled c-sections are much easier on the body than last minute c-sections after 12 hours of labour.  Just saying...

We were able to come home on day 2 after surgery, exactly 48 hours after her birth I was walking in the front door at home.  SO NICE that they let us come home earlier this time!  Nursing has gone smoothly.  Healing has gone smoothly.  I'm almost back to my pre-pregnancy self.  Except, of course, for some tenderness in certain places and having a newborn around the house again.  Everything has come back as far as what to do with a newborn (whew!).  The transition has been nothing but smooth.  Nathan was home for the first week and now my mom will be here for a few days, followed by my sister.  Levi is loving all the extra play-time!  And I'm appreciating being able to take it easy and have afternoon naps.  Every little bit helps with the healing and adjusting process!

Levi has adjusted to being a big brother wonderfully.  He was a bit unsure at first and didn't want to touch her, but within a couple days at home he was wanting to hold her and go get diapers for me and lay on the floor beside her.  He has been so good...

And that's my story!  I figured I should probably let my blogging friends know that she's arrived and all is well before people start wondering.  Oh, and I'll also let you know that she is the most content baby.  She sleeps SO much more than Levi did and is quite quiet, though she's starting to find her voice again after a few nearly silent days in the first week.  Aside from the first night at home, she has been up 2-3 times at night to eat which hardly feels like an adjustment from what I was doing with Levi a mere 3 months ago...not that he was eating, but disrupting my sleep just the same!  But it is all worth it.  I look at my kids and husband every day and thank God for my beautiful family.  I feel blessed beyond what I could ever imagine :)