Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Picture Post

Daddy and daughter

Some good old sibling lovin'

More sibling loving

We had this hat made before Kayden was born for her to wear at the hospital and it finally fits her!  Yay!

Love the pudgy handed eye rub :)

My girl still has the bluest of eyes!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things Levi says...

I've been collecting a list of things Levi says at this stage in his life.  He is so entertaining!  This list goes back as far as January (he doesn't say all of these things anymore) but is added to daily! Ones that are starred (*) are things he is still currently saying...

*"Deeeeelicious!" - when eating something he thinks is yummy
*"No thank you." - said when many other two-year olds would yell "NO!"
"Moooooommy!  Where arrrrrrre you??" - yelled as he's looking for me in the house
"Mommy, stay happy."
*"Lettuce" - Lennox (our dog)
*"Lettuce and Cucumber" - Lennox and our second dog (that we are NOT getting)
*"Kinny" - kitty
"Oh well." - what a passive aggressive little phrase...
"No boy like.  Too yucky." - when he doesn't like a food (or thinks he doesn't like it)
*"Not bedtime, night-night time!" - he refuses to call bedtime by any other name than night-night time
"Oh yes it is _______." - when he thinks he knows better, for example: "oh yes it is Friday!" (when it's really Monday
"Look at this called?" - instead of "what is this called?" - he's figured this one out now
"A, B, vie O, U!" - vowels
*"Gamma Bapa Tick Tock" - Buhler grandparents (now gamma gampa/bapa) - have a clock that he's noticed and associates them with
*"Gamma Bapa Lello Puppy" - McC grandparents (also now gamma gampa/bapa) - have a golden retriever
*"What you doing here?"
"Where did that puppy (Lennox) go?"
"Where did that Baby Kayden go?"
*"Boy type please?" - use word on my computer to type letters
*"wheels on the bus go round and round all day long puzzle" - school bus puzzle (also calls school busses that whole thing minus "puzzle")
*"Open the door peas?" - when he wants the door open or for us to open our arms and let him free
*"Put it riiiiight overrrr there."
*"Moogit" - music
*"I turn the moogit on for you, Daddy/Mommy!" - everything he does is for someone
*"Grey-bear" - threadbare except his socks are grey, therefore grey-bear
*"Long-berry" - library
*"Jumpoline" - trampoline
*"Mow-mows" - marshmallows
*"doodoes and dot-dows" - noodles and hot dogs (favourite lunch food)
*"Kayden eats out of mommy's tummy" - I'll take it
*"Room-a-room" - living room
*"Vroom nigh-nigh" - his bed (because daddy brought it to our house in a truck when we bought it, which he called a vroom at the time)
*"wee!" - slide
*"Tempurpur" - temperature as in "take my tempurpur please?" when he feels sick
*"Daddy...me" - switching daddy to mommy or vice versa when he realizes he said the wrong name
*"Sweetie" - calls Kayden this
*"Miss Kayden"
*"Daddy stuff" - daddy's pomade that he lies to have is hair done spiky with (but only on Sundays or when we're leaving the house for something special but NOT on days when we're just hanging out at home)
*"Loop-a-loop" - Froot Loops
*"Doodle-doo cereal" - Corn flakes
*"A B Cereal" - Alphabits
*"No, nigh-night time!" - he corrects us if we call "nigh-nigh time" by any other name (bedtime)
*"I'm two me-olds." - I'm two years old, said whenever he wants two treats or two stories or more than one of anything
*"Quiet-bye" - lullaby

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Three Months Old

Happy 3 months, Kayden!  
 We are getting more smiles, though she's still pretty serious and loves to just take in what is going on around her.  She is so laid back and easy going, though she is letting us hear her voice more and more, both through crying and through some "talking."  The best is when she'll just make eye contact and talk softly to you.  Even if she's not happy, if she's looking us in the eye, it's almost like she tries to tell us what's wrong instead of just crying.  What a sweetie.
 Kayden's good sleeping habits are holding up!  She goes to bed between 8:30-10pm most nights, sleeps for 5 hours, eats, sleeps for 3-4 hours, eats, then wakes up between 8-9am.  I can handle two feeds a night, especially since it's never more than 15 minutes, diaper change included!  She has one major nap each afternoon that lasts about 4 hours (with a feed in the middle).  In the morning she usually has a little nap on our morning walk and she often dozes a bit in the evening after supper too.
 Kayden eats really well (obviously).  She eats every 2 hours for the most part, except at night and during the second half of her afternoon nap.  I weighed her here at home the other day and she was exactly 12lbs...but that is with clothes and diaper so she's probably just under 12lbs. 

Kayden went to her first wedding, first funeral, and first birthday party this month.  She went to the zoo for the first time and was on a trampoline for the first time.  She tasted her first apple (didn't eat it, just sucked on mine for a while...the look on her face was priceless but she didn't refuse more).
 Kayden's eyes are still quite blue.  No hint of brown or any other colour there yet!  Levi's eyes were very brown by this age so maybe we'll actually have a blue-eyed girl.  Time will tell!

Kayden is holding her head up quite well already, but I wouldn't say that she's ready for the jolly jumper just yet.  She is still a bit floppier than Levi was at this age.  I guess that's the difference between her being early and him being late.  She is usually quite content to sit in her little baby rocking chair, in her beanbag chair, or on our laps. 
 Kayden loves to stick out her tongue these days.  You can tell that she just discovered it one day and is having fun with it.  Baby tongues get me every time.  SO cute!  We don't even encourage it (much) and she still just sticks it out and wiggles it around.  Learning about her body, I guess :)  She has also found that her hand is great for sucking on.  It is usually just the side of her fist that she sucks on, but she also sucks on her fingers.  She doesn't have a favourite finger for sucking yet and we'll try not to let her become a thumb-sucker.  I just don't know how I would ever wean my babies from thumb-sucking!  And while it's cute when babies suck their thumbs, there comes an age...
Kayden hasn't really lost much hair on the back of her head.  Just a teeny-tiny bald spot about the size of a loonie (one dollar coin about 1" in diameter for you Americans reading).  She doesn't have much at the front, though.  I can't wait til it starts growing so I can do something with it.  I will NOT be one of those moms who refuses to cut her girl's hair even when it's a terrible mullet though. There will be haircuts happening in this house. So if you see the mullet starting to happen, PLEASE tell me!  I thank you in advance. :)
  Levi and Kayden's relationship continues to grow.  Levi seems to be testing the waters (still!) with what's ok and what's not when it comes to loving his sister.  We see this ALOT (Kayden: tears, Levi: smiling or hiding). But I am glad that he loves her and wants to play with her, even if he is a bit rough.  And he is really good about saying "sorry" when he goes a bit far.  I have a suspicion, though, that he actually doesn't think he can make her happy unless he makes her cry first.  Why would you make her happy if she's already happy? *sigh*  I'm sure they will be wonderful friends one day and he will protect his little sister when she needs protecting.
I can't believe she's been with us for a quarter of a year already!  Whoo-hoo!  Bring on the rest of the year!  We're loving her :)

Friday, May 3, 2013


Well, these two are definitely siblings, though they each have their own looks! Levi is about 5 weeks old in the picture and Kayden is 3 months old. Any guesses on who's who??  Yeah, I know.  Pretty obvious.  But hey, it's still fun to compare, no?