Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Number 9 - Influential People

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1.  Parents - it's obvious how they influenced me, right?  They raised me.  They gave me their genes.  All that fun stuff. 

2. Nathan - he loves me exactly the way I am.  He loves me because of who I am and not despite who I am.  That's influential because I can be exactly who I am and not edit myself at all when I'm with him.  Nathan has encouraged me to treat myself so I've learned how to do that and what things/activities I especially like.  Nathan has taught me how to take other people's opinions into consideration when making decisions and how to compromise - though we usually agree and not much compromise is needed!   

3. My siblings - I don't know how.  I just know that they did.  Maybe the side of me that feels like I need to fight for everything I get?  haha.  I learned how to respect my peers/friends through my siblings.  I learned how to be a mentor (to an extent) and how to take advice.  I learned to laugh at myself and to have patience despite someone (not mentioning any names... *cough*ANDREW*cough*) doing their best to push my buttons.

4. My high school friends - they pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and do things I never would have done on my own...in a good way!  I wouldn't necessarily have done some of the crazy things I did without the friends I had.  Is that why I have the sense of adventure that I have today?  Well, not entirely.  I've always been someone who wants to be spontaneous and do things that other people might not consider...but I imagine the friends I had in high school nurtured that side of me more than if I'd had some other friends :)

I'm so bad at this.  I'm only on #5???

5. My friends Marsha and Teena - they have shown me that I'm worth being friends with and that I don't need to be anyone but myself in order to keep friends.  I can be completely myself when I'm with them and it's good.  I've learned that it's possible to be with people and not have to watch what I say and do. I can let go and people will still like me (and if they don't, maybe it's not my problem after all). 

6. My kids - I've learned to be more selfless from them.  They've influenced me to just do what needs to be done, whether I want to or not.  They've shown me what it means to love unconditionally and without inhibitions. 

I've stalled.  I'm sure there are many more people who have influenced me.  Pastors, teachers, co-workers, campers/co-camp-counselors, friends, customers, etc.  But my brain is just not working tonight.  haha.  Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I'm very curious to hear about these "crazy things" you did when you were a high school student. :D I've been blessed to have a lot of influential - in a good way - people around me growing up and as an adult. Dannis, my 2 sisters, my Mom and Dad(especially Mom), and 1 or 2 close friends come to mind. -Katie