Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Numbers 13-14 - Strengths and Weaknesses

13. Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

1. Knowing what to talk to people about/mingling.  Hate it.  Hate the awkward silences.  Hate the potential for awkward silences.  If there was at least a potential for a GOOD talk in those situations, I might be ok with it, but you're never going to actually have a good, deep conversation in a busy foyer, so let's just skip it, shall we?

2. Group work.  I don't feel like I'm at my strongest when I'm working with a group.  Unless I'm clearly leading the group.  But if it's supposed to be a mutual effort, I fall short. 

3. Decorating cakes. I always have this great vision for a birthday cake and then it ends up falling sadly short.  Sadly, sadly short.  So now I'm practicing.  Everyone gets a birthday cake and a half-birthday cake.  Levi had a sail boat cake this month.  And it actually turned out.  But I won't let one successful attempt fool me.  I need at least 18 months worth of practice to be confident that my cakes won't routinely flop.

4. Understanding politics.  Need I say more?

5. I have a weakness for my family.  If I ever have a chance to hang out with my family (immediate and extended), I'll jump on it.  It's a different kind of weakness, but I think it counts :)

14. Describe 5 strengths you have.

1.  Patience - It's not that I never lose my patience with my kids/other people, but I feel like my patience stretches more than some.  If you come to the end of my patience, you must really be pushing my buttons. :)

2. I can cook/bake.  And I can bless people with my cooking/baking.  I really enjoy being able to put something together and bless someone with a meal or a treat.

3. Crocheting.  I also love to bless people with my ability to make things with my hands.  I don't always have as much time to make things as I would like, but when I can put something together and see the look on their face when I give it to them, it makes me smile.

4. I give people the benefit of the doubt.  If someone makes a silly comment while I'm out, I think, "well, they must not have thought before they said that, it happens to everyone" instead of wondering why they're so dumb.  Or if someone does something ridiculous/rude, I usually think that they were just having a rough day rather than letting it taint my opinion of them.  I give people a fair chance to show me who they are.  I meet people with the assumption that they are good and kind until their actions prove otherwise.

5. Organization and Efficiency.  I work really well in a job that requires being organized and efficient.  I worked in a lumber yard and it was possibly the perfect job for me.  My hours were flexible and completely controlled by moi!  It was up to me to come up with a filing system and keep it organized.  The only problem was that I got my work done too efficiently and was continually running out of work to do. :)

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Anonymous said...

I share a number of your weaknesses. :) Small talk and I don't get along, I've always been better at individual sports because I don't play all that well with others, and I definitely have a weakness for immediate family! If I didn't, I think I would move somewhere warmer!

My strengths are totally different, though. I'm not exactly sure what they would even be! Skill with most livestock and animals, I guess. And it takes a bit of a green thumb to coax anything out of our soil! I'm never sure what my skills with people are, though.. I wouldn't mind having some of your organization and efficiency. I'm reasonably efficient, but organization? Ha! Alas, I've been a whirlwind of mess since I was a little kid.

I would add to your strengths, that you are a good listener, especially because you don't instantly throw your opinion out there. - Katie